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Poultry & Broiler Care Benefits 

Water is the most important nutrient for birds and cause the most problems when unclean. Nowadays, independent research agrees that silver nanoparticles added to poultry water positively affect the protein content of the poultry meat and increase the average daily gain and feed efficiency of broilers. It is not entirely certain how this will be the case, but nanotechnology is constantly being researched and there will be an enormous amount of development within the next 5-10 years. The consequences of results are shorter production cycles, better quality meat with less feed consumption for the broilers to reach their final weight at slaughter. In short, we usually say that the Demeter silver water system costs nothing to use, it is self-financing from day 1 with all the benefits farms get directly 

Top 10 Reasons to use AgNPs (silver nano-particles) solution in your poultry barn: 

1. It is bio-active and kills all sorts of bacteria and virus that kills birds and humans

2. Reduces mortality

3. Food Grade Organic Non Toxic to Human & Animals

4. Reduces down time between flocks from two weeks to two days.

5. Keeps birds hydrated

6. Helps in digestion

7. Keeps litter clean and fresh longer

8. Reduces Poultry House dust

9. Keeps poultry barn air smelling fresh

10. Prevents build-up in water lines and nipples 

Treatment of the barn 3 days before stocking66 gallons of 10 ppm nano silver water to disinfect barns 9500- 11500 sq2
When starting stocking66 gallons of 10ppm nano silver water to disinfect barns 9500-11500 sq2, safe product, sprayed directly on livestock.
Periodic disinfection (7-10 days/time)66 gallons of 5 ppm nano silver water and sprayed to disinfect the barns max 18000-20000 sq2
Disinfect the barn when there is an epidemic66 gallons of 10ppm nano silver water to disinfect barns 9500-11500 sq2
Sterilize eggs before hatching5ppm nano silver water, soak eggs for 20 minutes to disinfect before hatching