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Citrus Greening Treatments: Method 1

STS (Silver Transpiration Streaming)


STS (Silver Transpiration Streaming)  – A plant disease treatment process of applying AgNPs (Silver Nano-Particles) to the stub of a freshly cut stem/trunk or branch of a woody plant to stimulate healthy new growth    


STS Treatment is Used For Combatting the following diseases:  Citrus Greening

Silver San – Bio Active Sanitizer or Gel Silver San – is an excellent product to stem infection after pruning. It is a fortified solution consisting of three active antimicrobial, antiviral and antiseptic sanitary characteristics deriving from AgNPs as its main active ingredient, which also prevents the spread of diseases.

  Things You Will Need

Safety GlassesPruning SawSilver-San Bio Active Sanitizer  or GelPlastic (Sandwich) Bag
GlovesPaintbrush (For Gel ) ApplicationPaper Towel/Thin ClothRubber Bands/Tie Straps or Cord

AIM: To circulate AgNPs through the transportation system of the vascular tissues (xylem and phloem) of the plant. Note* Carrying out an STS Treatment it is recommended that one has a basic understanding of the three T’s of proper pruning: tools, timing, and technique.

1. PREPARATION: Wear safety glasses and gloves to protect them from the pruning saw’s blade and from debris. Identify the diseased tree that needs to be treated. Remove branches with disease, insect or wind damage.

2. CUTTING: If your treating a tree that is heavily affected you may take the Heading Back approach referred to as “stubbing trees” and for smaller or less infected trees you may use the Thinning Out method of pruning. Sterilize pruning tools between cuts by dipping the blades in Silver San – Bio Active Sanitizer or by preparing spray bottle with said content. Note* The terminal bud (the bud at the end of a branch or twig) produces a hormone called auxin that directs the growth of lateral buds (buds oriented along the side of the branch or twig). As long as the terminal bud is intact, auxin suppresses the growth of lateral buds and shoots below the terminal. However, when the terminal bud is removed, by pruning, lateral buds and shoots below the pruning cut receive the auxin, which result in vigorous growth. Most of the new growth always occurs within 6 to 8 inches of the pruning cut.  Branches should be cut at an angle to the stem/trunk to expose more of the two layers (xylem and phloem) of tissue for treatment and to prevent contaminated water from settling on open wound where a risk of possible stem rot can occur after the bag is removed and if proper sealing methods are not applied.

3. Remove all jagged edges where the tree limb was cut in order to make the surface smooth and flat. Dust debris from the limb stub. Doing so cleans the stub and will allow the STS material to seal and coat properly. If the dust were left on, then the sealer might brush off when the dust is loosened.


A. Silver San – Bio Active Sanitizer 15ppm: Dip 2 – 3 pieces of table cloth (depending on the diameter of the branch) or a single thin cloth into a container of solution to fully saturate. Place the cloth on the flat surface area of the exposed stub.

B. Silver San – Bio Active Sanitizer Gel: Dip a paintbrush in the container of gel sealer, and use the paintbrush to coat the limb stub with the sealer. Brush the sealer back and forth over the stub and around its edges to ensure it covers the wood fully.

5. TRANSPIRATION: Use the plastic bag to cover the treated end of the stub and use the tie to hold in place. Keep cloth moist, therefore remove plastic bag and re-saturate cloth from time to time. Plastic bag can be removed once shoots have reach a few inches in length.

6. OBSERVATION & DATA RECORDING: Monitor the tree daily and keep notes on the time new buds begin to appearance of shoots (color, thickness) quality and quantity of shoots, rate of growth etc.

Treatment Advantages

·    Can be applied under any metrological condition

·    Precise delivery of material

·    Elimination of toxic spray drift


Note* Another time to apply Silver San – Bio Active Sanitizer or Gel is to seal a tree where a limb once was or has broken off flush with the tree trunk. If the break is along the trunk’s surface, the tree will have a hard time sealing itself. Insects and diseases may enter the cut portion of a stub and cause it to die back. Therefore, whether pruning a small twig or a large branch, avoid leaving a stub by always cutting back to a bud, a lateral branch or the main trunk. When pruning back to a bud, make the cut at a slight angle just above the bud. This allows moisture to flow readily off the wound and then apply Silver San – Bio Active Sanitizer Gel to area of the trunk or stub that is exposed to create protective seal to preserve the health of the tree.