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Citrus Greening Treatments: Method 4

SSD (Silver Soil Drenching)


SSD (Silver Soil Drenching)-  is the process applying adding AgNPs (Silver Nano-Particles) to the base of the tree in a way that is quickly absorbed through the root systems to every part of the plant.


SDS Treatment is Used For Combatting the following diseases:  Citrus Greening

Silver San – Bio Active Sanitizer or Gel Silver San – is an excellent product to stem infection after pruning. It is a fortified solution consisting of three active antimicrobial, antiviral and antiseptic sanitary characteristics deriving from AgNPs as its main active ingredient, which also prevents the spread of diseases.

Things You Will Need

Safety GlassesWatering ContainerSilver-San Bio Active Sanitizer or GelHose Drippers
GlovesIndustrial Sprayers or Spray BottlesHose 

Soil drenching is done instead of spraying or time-release. It allows for the swift uptake of the liquid and helps you avoid overspray and drift onto other plants. It allows the plant to absorb all it can straight away, at the same time as treating the soil and also a way to ensure the soil is loaded with the things a plant needs to thrive and survive.

Inlay of Hose Drippers