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Increase Dairy Production

IID Demeter technology was originally adopted by veterinarians for use in Dairy production to prevent and treat Mastitis outbreak. Dairy cow mastitis is a common disease that affects the udder of dairy cows. It is caused by bacteria that enter the udder through the teat canal, usually during milking. Mastitis can have a significant impact on milk production, milk quality, and animal health, and is a major concern for dairy farmers. Symptoms of mastitis in dairy cows include swelling, heat, and pain in the udder, as well as a decrease in milk production, changes in the appearance or quality of milk, and sometimes fever or other signs of illness.

Treatment for mastitis in dairy cows typically involves the use of antibiotics to clear the infection.

However the benefits of using AgNPs for living area disinfecting and during the milking process as a pre and post teat dip solution reduces costly antibiotic and medical treatments. This intern increases milk production by reducing culling milk practices and withdrawal periods when cows are out production in order to ensure that milk from treated cows do not contain harmful residues before milk can be safely consumed. 

AgNPs replaces the use of iodine for pre and post dipping that is commonly used during the milking process. A few EU states have banned the use of iodine due to cross contamination of milk that increases the risk of exposing humans to marginal levels of iodine. 

In addition, good hygiene practices, such as keeping milking equipment clean and dry, can help to prevent the spread of mastitis. Regular monitoring of the herd for signs of mastitis, along with prompt treatment of affected animals, can also help to minimize the impact of the disease on milk production and animal health.

We recommend acquiring a Demeter device or use our Silver-San All Purpose Bio-Active Sanitizer and Post Dip Gel to solve your Mastitis problems.

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