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Citrus Greening Treatments: Method 2

SEI (Silver Endotherapy Injection)


SEI (Silver Endotherapy Injection) – Is the process of making perforations into the trunk of a tree where AgNPs (Silver Nano-Particles), plant protection product is injected directly into the vascular system (xylem) using a syringe injector.

SEI Treatment is Used For Combatting the following diseases:  Citrus Greening

Silver San – Bio Active Sanitizer or Gel Silver San – is an excellent product to stem infection after pruning. It is a fortified solution consisting of three active antimicrobial, antiviral and antiseptic sanitary characteristics deriving from AgNPs as its main active ingredient, which also prevents the spread of diseases.

Things You Will Need

Safety GlassesInjectors “Chemjet”Silver-San Bio Active Sanitizer or Gel 
GlovesIndustrial Sprayers or Spray BottlesDrill &  11/64 Drill bit 

The targeted delivery of crop protection material into the stem or trunk of a woody plant as an alternative to spraying or soil drenching (“endotherapy”) Injection occurs in the xylem (not phloem) from where the material are then distributed throughout the plant with the transpiration stream. Most suitable injection to reduce tree injury is the “Chemjet” (spring loaded syringe) medium pressure .25 psi.

The speed of uptake and distribution depends on the transpiration rate of the tree (which depends on weather, season, time of day, etc., and the physiological state of the tree)

The uptake and distribution of injection compounds may vary between rootstock and scion

Its better to leave wounds alone as post injection treatments may interfere with wound healing

Wound closure is faster when injections occur in the spring than in the fall

Wound closure efficiency may differ in rootstock and scion

Injection performs into the scion using 2 chemjets (1 each on opposite sides) Each chemjet holds a volume of 20 ml. Trunk diameters at injection site were approximately 2.5”

Drill 11/64 slight angle less then 1” deep

Labor required to inject trees has been a concern. A conservative estimate that a single worker can inject about 250 bearing citrus trees in a nine-hour day. For non-bearing citrus, that number is about 350 trees.


SEI (Silver Endotherapy Cotton Stuffing)


Drill hole in side wall of tress using 11/64 drill bit at a slight angle to the depth no longer then half diameter of tree. Example, 4 inch tree trunk no more then two inch deep drill sight crossing phloem and reaching the xylem inner area of tree trunk. Stuff each hole full of cotton. Use syringe with 10ppm silver and inject in cotton stuffed hole for repeated treatment.