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Citrus Greening Treatments: Method 3

SFS (Silver Foliar Spraying)



SFS (Silver Foliage Spraying) – Using AgNPs (Silver Nano-Particles) as a solution in a foliage spraying devices for application to branches and leaves of tree.

SFS Treatment is Used For Combatting the following diseases:  Citrus Greening

Silver San – Bio Active Sanitizer or Gel Silver San – is an excellent product to stem infection after pruning. It is a fortified solution consisting of three active antimicrobial, antiviral and antiseptic sanitary characteristics deriving from AgNPs as its main active ingredient, which also prevents the spread of diseases.

Things You Will Need

Safety Glasses and GlovesIndustrial SprayersSilver-San Bio Active Sanitizer or GelSpray Bottles

This is a full canopy spray. Spray around the tree making sure water is applied to both sides of the leaves with All Purpose Bio-Active Sanitizer 10ppm to healthy and infected trees using a foliar spray mechanism twice daily between the hours of 4am to 10am to ensure the gaseous exchange process through the stomata at a 14-day interval. Foliage spraying is best early in the morning, they will absorb moisture most effectively, the stomata, the pores on plant leaves are open during these hours, absorbing water vapour and dew, during the coolest time of the day and when sunlight is not stimulating food production through photosynthesis.  Pores can absorb foliar spray easily at these times. Leaves release water vapour during the heat of the day.

Treatment Area (Acres): 1 acreEstimated Trees per acre: 130 trees per acreMaterial: Suggested 10ppm AgNPs (Silver Nano Particles) AgNPs required per tree:  Estimate 5 – 8 gallons per acre (based on drone application)Treatment Plan: Twice Daily 5am and 10am at 14 day intervals   

*Note. Using higher ppm level may produce better results so we recommend a range of 10ppm – 75ppm. Levels above 75ppm tend to produce adverse results. Some spraying devises my use more AgNPs then others our research shows that drone sprayers uses the least amount of material .