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Reasons Not To Use Alcohol Based Sanitizers

  1. Its flammable
  2. Irritates the skin can trigger an eczema breakout
  3. Not food-grade – harmful if swallowed
  4. Not safe for children to use without adult supervision
  5. Unsafe to breath volatile fumes – Commonly reported symptoms included headache, nausea, and dizziness
  6. Prolonged use leads to depression and suicidal thoughts
  7. Can cause blindness if it gets in your eyes.
  8. Can affect your immune system
  9. Can impact body development and fertility
  10. Can impact your hormones
  11. Ingesting or inhaling fumes can lead to alcohol poisoning
  12. Hand sanitizers do not reduce all types of germs, do not work as well when hands are visibly dirty or greasy, and may not remove harmful chemicals
  13. Not (never) intended for prolonged use
  14. May contribute to antibiotic resistance