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17 Great Reasons to Use Silver San Sanitizer

  1. Superior efficiency and effectiveness in killing a broad range of germs virus and bacteria
  2. Nontoxic to human or animal life
  3. Fast impact
  4. Being friendly with water
  5. High tolerability 
  6. Naturally Antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal
  7. No cytotoxicity and skin sensitivity
  8. No inhalation toxicity
  9. No unpleasant and pungent odour like alcohol
  10. No corrosion effect on metal and plastic tools
  11. Free of alcohol and chlorinated compounds
  12. Compatible with a variety of materials and surfaces
  13. Food grade safe to consume
  14. Safe for children
  15. Non-flammable
  16. Not regulated for use by BSJ or MOH
  17. No personal injury liability threat like alcohol sanitizers is