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It is imperative for medical facilities to maintain a clean and sterile environment against healthcare associated infections. Silver-San Bio-Active Sanitizer contains AgNPs (silver nano-particles that kill germs and bacteria that easily spread onto objects and surfaces quickly and easily from people touching things in one area and leaving a trail from one room to another. Therefore is it good practice and hygienic to apply AgNPs into cleaning processes to keep waiting rooms, counter tops, offices, treatment rooms, staff rooms, equipment and tools free from possible build-up of dirt and bacteria. It can be used in multiple applications within healthcare and wellness facilities to improve not only the environmental hygiene but also water hygiene.


  • Improved hygiene and reduced hospital acquired infection rates and 
  • Complete disinfection for water treatment and high traffic spaces.
  • Lowers HCAIs. (Healthcare Associated Infections)
  • Increased patient safety and bed turnover rate.
  • Reduced costs associated with virus and bacterial outbreaks.
  • Multi-application. One product for multiple purposes.
  • Cost effective and easy to apply.
  • Odour, colour and taste free.