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Maritime and Shipping

Biologically secured seaports are the first line of defence to incoming ships and containers carrying all kinds of contaminated biological and chemical material. Health and safety on board ships has never been greater.

These materials have to go through serious bio security protocols to ensure that countries are not importing, exporting and/or transferring the next virus or bacteria that may have the potential to wipe out a whole industry or sector. We continue to recommend the use of Silver-San All Purpose Bio-Active Sanitizer to be used at the terminals, animal and plant quarantine check points. This multi-application, disinfectant is able to effectively kill a broad spectrum of micro-organisms including, African Swine Flu, Salmonella, Panama Disease (TR4), Norovirus, MRSA, Legionella and E-coli. Fortify your bio security practices to maintain a high degree of bacterial control on shipping vessel, to free onboard water tanks of microbiological germs and biofilms and to disinfect marinas and terminals. 


  • No harmful by-products and totally non-corrosive in use.
  • Pleasant user experience especially those with asthma or sensitive skin.
  • Multi-application. One product for multiple purposes.
  • Cost effective and simple to apply.
  • Easily breaks down into water and oxygen post disinfection.
  • Odour, colour and taste free.