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Food & Beverage

Silver San is the perfect disinfectant to be used through out the whole food manufacturing process and food and beverage industry as it upholds quality assurance efforts in ensuring quality products and it also extends the shelf life of fresh foods and packaged products. Processors and manufacturers will have the benefit of reduced operational and maintenance costs. The non-toxicity of Silver San use in these environment makes it a viable and safer alternative to conventional disinfectants. Silver San leaves no residue or tint as it is odourless, colourless and taste free. 


  • Extends the shelf life of treated product.
  • Has no corrosive threat to equipment and materials.
  • No harmful by-products or residuals left in final product.
  • Reduced health risk to workforce, safer to handle.
  • Lower water consumption.
  • Increase production and reduced downtime and maintenance.
  • Easy to apply